This Is The Best Pie In North Carolina

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You can't go wrong with a slice of pie, whether you're celebrating a special occasion or holiday with family and friends or you're a math-lover marking the annual Pi Day (March 13). Tasting Table searched around the country to find the best slice of pie in each state, from fruity favorites like brown sugar peach to southern staples like sweet potato pie.

So which pie is considered the best in North Carolina?

Brownie Fudge Pie at Baked Pie Company

Located south of Asheville, Baked Pie Company has been serving hit after hit since opening opening a few years ago and aims to "make you smile and feel at home" every day, according to its website. While its long list of pie flavors often rotates, one of the best to sample is the Brownie Fudge, which is frequently dressed up with candies, walnuts, coconut, peanut butter and more.

Baked Pie Company is located at 4 Long Shoals Road, Suite A, in Arden.

Here's what Tasting Table had to say:

"Baked Pie Company answers a problem the owner saw in her hometown of South Asheville. Noticing that the town was missing a great pie spot, this bakery became a reality. Even though the menu is in constant rotation, new options are added all the time.
The brownie fudge pie is a favorite among devoted regulars. To be festive, it often gets different M&M decorations, depending on the holiday or season."

Check out Tasting Table's full list to see the best pies around the country.

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